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Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
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Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
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Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
There's at least one such coffee house in San Jose that seems to be very popular, though the Vietnamese girls are in short-shorts or mini-skirts with high-heeled clogs and revealing low-cut tops (the girls all were rather well-endowed). The girls are pleasant and very friendly, and the iced coffee (about $4) and complimentary iced green tea is quite good.
comment by tony
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
10 months ago this news is great. you guyz should try out cafe LU'. there girls are much hotter. it's in santa ana, ca
comment by cazzone
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
Wow very similar to hooters but better ! Looks amazing I gotta go and see. I didnt even know that there was a place like that in 714. Sexy Viet Chicks =) !
comment by itsvuman
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
Nice!!! 99% is the coffee. 1% smoothie.
comment by marshmallowjadey
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
this is pretty old. i knew about this place like a long time ago. SoCal > Norcal enough said. haha
comment by lilxghettodragon
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
I'm going to be quiet Vietnamese girl I believe that being sexy is hella empowering we are sexual human beings and as beatiful as any woman on the globe. BUT for Gawd's sake put some real clothes on yo its emabrassing to me, its bad enough men look at us like masseuses who give happy endings in the back the nail salons. Sexy is sexy but leave something to the imagination what3ever happend to a business teeshirt and shorts or jeans!???
comment by johndenver
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
I wonder where they get the MILK for the coffee from?? :)
comment by TheDoom
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
We turned that whole country into one big whorehouse.
comment by LordPaynus
Comments on : Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop
Asian women are definitely the most beautiful women in the world!!!
comment by staefan
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Sexy Vietnamese coffee shop