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Comments on : DAN the MAN
or all ladies who may be angry at this video. I do agree that a lady need to be love and care, but there is a fine line between a lady and a bitch :) For a bitch like this he should just *PLAY* with her and keep her lock up in there hahahaha XD
comment by 44katty
Comments on : DAN the MAN
hahaha :D awesome vid! great job :) I would SO play this if it was a game. looks like a lot of fun
comment by cmoocy
Comments on : DAN the MAN
Great video! I really like it. Don't know why my friend sent it to me - although I play an RP-char which is called Dan... - but I like it. Great job!
comment by JJ
Comments on : DAN the MAN
It would be so awesome if this was real game. I mean the graphic and moves are awesome
comment by Jinmy
Comments on : DAN the MAN
That's a great way to go through life, that way you never get to experience any emotions. Either good or bad. Fight the power.
comment by beeitch123
Comments on : DAN the MAN
funniest video game parody ever!!!
comment by aimmy
Comments on : DAN the MAN
W00ts so cool I love this movie I hate the selfish girl and the stupid anoying dog and the rich old stupid man I hope u make a new one soon
comment by HannaIsabella
Comments on : DAN the MAN
I also wish this was a real game!
comment by aesamy
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