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K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
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K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
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Description > K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes

1st Kiss sence from Sweet Spy Drama (MBC-Korea), I cut it for someone who likes to collect romance scenes in this movie. Hope u guyz enjoy!


Compilation of K-Drama best and memorable kissing scenes. Clips were taken from the dramas:
Full House
Lovers in Paris
Marrying a Millionaire
Vineyard Man
9 end 2 outs
Snow White
What Happened in Bali
Which Star Are You From
Smile Again
Goong S
My Girl
Sweet Spy
Snow Queen
Time Between Dong & Wolf
My Lovely Samsoon
Coffee Prince

Korean drama (Korean: 한국드라마) refers to televised dramas, similar to Western miniseries, produced in the Korean language for Korean audiences. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia and have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave or Drama Fever. Most popular Korean dramas have also become popular throughout East and Southeast Asia. Some of the most internationally popular Korean dramas are Full House, Stairway to Heaven, My Girl, Dae Jang Geum, My Lovely Sam Soon, Love Story in Harvard, Shining Inheritance, Autumn in My Heart, Princess Hours, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Yi San and Boys Over Flowers. Recently some Korean dramas have gained modest popularity in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Brazil.

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Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
Asians kiss funny in a way. In a way where they only stick their faces together and more or less that's it. xD Most of the time. Cause Goong kiss was some holy-jama-lama stuff there. That what you actually call a kiss. xD
comment by phobe
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
the best kissing scene was Goong!!!!others like a doggy monkey kisses lol..koreans can't kiss or they always kisses like these....well anywayz tnx for upload...
comment by shaylie
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
the kiss from GOONG is my fave. also from Coffee prince.
comment by raw
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
please tell me the names of this dramas.....can someone tell me please.......thanks.!ill be waiting
comment by mishima
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
I wish these kinds of kisses happened in real life... so romantic and funny at times. I would kill for a kiss like that...
comment by misasaki
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
it looks like the best kisses are on the dramas from the actress from coffee prince.
comment by starman
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
naw cuteness, k-dramas are good as best kiss must be Goong though. the guys hot too (:
comment by BM
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
the best kiss ever is from Coffee Prince @__@ ... well, I love it the most!!! ^^
comment by theLyricsSuck
Comments on : K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes
I like your video please add the name of dramas because I need see the story completely. Please thank
comment by aimmy
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K-Drama - Best Kissing Scenes